Alastair Hay

Non Executive Director

Alastair Hay is a Non-Executive who brings with him over 35 years’ experience in the funds industry, many of which have been at director level or above.  During his career, Alastair has held several executive roles for organisations in the UK and Europe, with previous positions including senior depositary roles at RBS Trustee and Depositary Services, Northern Trust, and most recently RBC.

Alastair joined RBS Trustees in 1987, and became Managing Director in 2010 helping RBS become the largest UK depositary provider to the UK regulated funds industry and overseeing a team of 200 staff. In 2013, Alastair joined Northern Trust and was instrumental in setting up their UK depositary service, which has gone on to become one of the leading providers in the industry.  In 2015, Alastair joined RBC Trustee and Depositary Services, leading the development of their European and UK service offering.

Alastair was also a director of the UK Depositary and Trustee Association (DATA) and chaired the Investment Association’s SORP Working Party.