Yealand ViewJune 9 2023

A Minute with Arosh

2 mins read

Being part of a growing organisation means that we are able to create opportunities for our staff to learn new skills and personally develop. Some of these colleagues have taken time out of their day to share with me their personal stories of what it’s been like for them to grow their careers at Yealand. Our first story comes from Arosh, a member of our Compliance and Risk team.

Arosh joined Yealand knowing he wanted to develop a Compliance career within a financial services setting. He joined our fund operations team in December 2020. In January 2022, he moved into our Compliance team as Compliance Analyst before being promoted to Compliance and Operational Risk Manager in January 2023.

“I joined Yealand before the fund operations roles had been segmented, which provided me with the opportunity to learn all aspects of fund administration and allowed me to challenge myself and prove what I was capable of.  We relied heavily on teamwork, and I learned that no one makes it alone; Yealand really does believe in their One Team philosophy.

The culture at Yealand means it was easy for me to share my career aspirations and the Company was supportive of my development.  I joined the compliance team and quickly identified what I was good at and what I enjoyed.  We are encouraged to play to our strengths to allow us to excel.  The combination of my operational experience and my law background helps me see things from a different perspective.  Our compliance team is made up of individuals from varying backgrounds and I enjoy the diversity of thought that this brings, I also like that we pull together to solve problems and get things done. 

My colleagues at Yealand are my second family, they helped me settle into the UK when I moved from Sri Lanka.  They make Yealand a very good company to work for.” – Arosh, Compliance and Operational Risk Manager, Yealand Fund Services

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