Y FactorSeptember 12 2023

A Minute with Rachael

2 mins read

Rachael has been part of the Yealand Fund Administration team for almost 12 years.  She joined with an aptitude for numbers and a proficiency in Excel.  Rachael originally joined our valuations team and has recently been promoted to Senior Static Data Administrator.

We asked Rachael to share her story with us:

“Before joining Yealand, I had been unable to secure a permanent job because, while I had qualifications in Book-Keeping and Computing, I lacked experience.  Thankfully, Yealand saw my potential and employed me in the Valuations team.  I learned that I don’t work so well if there is a great deal of unpredictability or if there are tight time constraints on a regular basis, so valuations wasn’t a good fit for me.  The business had identified a need to create a Business Services team with responsibility for generating technical reports for internal and external use, and the person setting up the department encouraged me to apply and I began to see that I was an asset to the office, especially since others recognised my Excel skills.  The Business Services role developed into a Fund Accounting reporting role and this is what I was doing when the country went into lockdown. 

Lockdown was the catalyst for me to consider what I wanted to do with my future and I decided to enrol to study for a Mathematics and Statistics Degree.  Yealand are supporting me to obtain the Degree by providing some financial support as well as paid study leave. I have completed my first year with Distinction. 

In 2021, I transferred to our newly formed Static Data team.  Static Data suits my learning style and my manager understands how my brain works.    My role involves helping to bring in prices for valuation processing, creating reports for external parties and management, and  supporting the set up and transfer of funds into the business. 

I’ve enjoyed moving around the Company because I’ve been able to see something new every time I moved.  I have gained lots of knowledge, although there will always be aspects that I can’t get my head around. This doesn’t matter too much though as I have skills that my colleagues may not have. I help them and they help me – we trade skills.

What’s kept me at Yealand for 12 years? It’s the culture and the people.  I feel comfortable here and I like our general approach to work in that we are told that we should do the job right even if it takes a little longer.  We do what’s best for the client. My colleagues are friendly and approachable and I get along well with those that I work with.  Work can sometimes be tough but enjoying the company of my colleagues makes it easier to come to work every day”.

If you’d like to be part of our team, please send your cv to lyndsay.cartwright@yealand.com